Enjoy delicious food in Gallery premises.


About Us

BON (“original” in Korean) is Gallery & Restaurant, which tries to show its customers work of Korean painters (mostly painter Ku Yong Jun, who also has studio in this premises) as well as taste of Korean and Japanese food.

We are not just about art. We are offering our customers best Korean cuisine in Prague!

Our food is made from the highest quality ingredients and it is perfectly handcrafted by our chef to meet the the highest expectations.

Ku Yong Jun

Ku Yong Jun started to paint by a coincidence in 2002 when he moved from Seul to Prague where he wanted to start a business. Unfortunately, at this time he suffered many psychological problems and failed to depression. Everything was changed by the wheels of fate when in 2009 he met on Charles Bridge one famous Korean artist. This encounter changed Mr. Ku‘s life. After a short conversation, the artist inspired Mr. Ku to start painting and the painting itself changed Mr. Ku’s point of view on the whole world.

From that time he was able to publish book and  4 month his paintings was published each day in Korean newspaper “No Cut News”. Today he is one of the most famous painters in Korean internet community and he also already had 2 exhibitions in Prague.

  • Our food is handrafted from the highest quality ingredients.

  • Art is miracle for us.

  • We are trying to combine beauty of Czech and Korean culture.

They wrote about us:

Amazing topokki , sushi and miso soup was delicious .

Le Nhan

It´s really nice restaurant, you guys should visit there!

Hosung Kim

So delicious food!!

Nana Lee